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Chocolate malt drinks under the trade name of Socolic’s,
is a nutritious drink that mainly comprised of malt extract.
The perfect combination of Socolic’s with hot milk/condensed milk
will enrich one’s daily beverage consumption, thus contribute to a pleasant,
energetic day. A cup of Socolic’s a day, keeps the lethargic away!

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Under the trade name of Socolic’s, chocolate drink is a drink that
consists of chocolatey, creamy and milky aroma. It is a perfect drink that
soothes one’s day. Being a nutritional drink, chocolate drinks contain antioxidant
and protect our hearts.

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Welcome To NBC Food Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Malaysia is a country that is being awarded as ‘food heaven’ among all of the Asia countries. As residents in this country, Malaysians are blessed with delicious food every day without acknowledging the calorie intake. As a consequence, the emergence of fatal diseases such as heart attack, diabetes mellitus, and cancer are prevalent in the society. Therefore, NBC is here to introduce the concept of Health, Nutritious, Taste (HNT) in food and beverage products to create a new concept of healthy diet and lifestyle among consumers.

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